10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog Immediately

My guess is that you would love to see your blog grow but you only have a limited amount of time that you can really invest into improve your blog. So how is that time best spent then? Here are a few easy ideas that any blogger can start using right away to grow their blog traffic.

Clean Your Blog

This is something I see all the time. Blogs with thousands of pending spam comments, 100′s of drafts either waiting to be written or half written and the worst… 40 different plugins, half of which are no longer even relevant. All of this garbage can be slowing down your site and hurting your rankings. It also makes your site fell messy and cluttered when working on it, which in turn, discourages you from working more often on improving your blog.

Perform An SEO Audit

This may sounds way too complicated or way too daunting to many bloggers but this is something that needs to be done. I’m planning a more in depth post on this next week, but for now, an SEO audit doesn’t have to be complicated (though it can be tedious).

Here is a simple process for you. First,install a great SEO plugin if you don’t already have one. Next break down your past year of blogging by month and start with January. Open every single post from January and check through this list:

1. Make sure all images have title, alt and description tags.
2. Make sure your blog titles are catchy and have at least one good keyword.
3. DO NOT change your URL’s. They shouldn’t have stop words in them, but pay attention and do better in the future.
4. Tag your posts with your most relevant keywords.
5. Make sure the post is in the proper category.
6. Check that your post has a catchy meta title and great meta description.

This is a very basic audit and takes about 2-3 minutes per post. Do It!

Increase Your Site Speed

I recently purchase a video game blog since I have always wanted to run a video game blog. When I first started cleaning up the blog, the page load speed varied between 10 seconds and 30! It had so many terrible plugins, was on a terrible server and had no cache to speak of.

Start by cleaning out unnecessary and slow plugins. Next, make sure you use a fast reliable server, if your traffic is big enough, think about purchasing a Virtual Private Server or using CDN (Content Delivery Network). Last install a great cache plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache.

Check For Bad Links

Great time to mention the video game blog again. This blog, in it’s hayday, was averaging between 6,000-9,000 page views a day. Thats pretty darn good, roughly 225,000 month. Then the site was taken over by someone who did not know what they were doing and they started accepting paid posts, many of which linked to casino sites. Google frowns upon paid posts, which really is the kind way of saying paid links. But, good news, delete those bad and Google will be happy to show you love once again. Go through your site and look for any low quality irrelevant links and delete them right away.

Include More Pictures and Visuals

My wife and I have a way to test out if one of our blog posts is done well. We call it the one minute post test. We see if we can understand and enjoy one another’s posts in 1 minute or less. After one minutes (or less) the person who didn’t write the post has to tell the other what the post was about and if they enjoyed it. If the post is filled with long text paragraphs, then we will fail. But if it has large frequent headings, lists and great pictures that effectively tell the story, then it passes the test.

Think about how you read online, do you read all the text or do you scan quickly looking for the information you want?

Increase Social Sharing

It’s 2018 people, this should be common sense by now, but sadly many sites still do not embrace social sharing. Your site needs to make it incredibly easy to share your content because if it’s not, it won’t get shared. Installing an easy sharing plugin such as Digg Digg or Sharebar is really all you need to do.

Don’t Forget StumbleUpon

In the world of social media there are tons of different options to choose from. From Facebook to Twitter, Pinterest, G+, Linkedin and the list goes on and on. Many bloggers (and site owners) forget that StumbleUpon is still a great source for traffic to your blog. There are a few down sides to StumbleUpon traffic though such as that SU users tend to check out your info and move on quickly, but getting a few of them to stick and convert is not impossible. So make sure to include StubleUpon in your social media offerings on your website.

Make Your Posts Pinnable

If you want to take advantage of Pinterest you need to remember that Pinterest is visual. If your post isn’t visual, it’s not Pinterest material. Creating a simple graphic with your title in a creative way can be more than enough many times, you just need to visually represent your blog post.

Create Great Ammunition

I can already hear the groans on this one “That’s Not a Tip” your collectively moaning… 🙂 But if your blog doesn’t sport amazing content, well then, it’s never going to be an amazing blog. In my opinion it is always better to blog less frequently but to produce amazing content rather than blog daily about nothing.

Take a Risk

Write about a topic you’ve been scared to touch either because it’s too risqué or you think it’s too complicated. Buy out a blog that you think has potential, put in the long hours even if you have no idea if you will ever see a return on your improved blog. Without taking a chance you will never experience success.

Hire a Great Writer

This one definitely needs to be explained in further detail. I personally own and run 18 blogs / websites. Some of them, like the WebeezHive, I love writing for, some others I would love to write more for, but I am no brewmaster. So how do I keep so many blogs running and growing? I have a collection of great writers that help me out. My writers are not cheap, I pay them a lot and I expect a lot.

Many of my blogs I hire out weekly writing. I consider this to be a bare minimum to maintain the blog. This then allows me to jump in and write when I have time and am feeling inspired. So some weeks will only have 1 post, while others may have 2 or even 3.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, the best way to truly grow your blog to new heights is a very boring answer: work harder. Honestly. I’m currently going on hour 12 investing into my blogs today, blogging can be hard work, but it also can be very rewarding.

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