Why Your Visitors Won’t Come Back To Your Blog

There are an immense amount of blogs on the internet as well as an immense amount of bloggers. Some blogs are written to teach and inform, some are to entertain and some are built to gain fame and fortune for their owners. But it takes an incredible amount of time and effort to build up a blog that has a powerful following and get your content in front of thousands of readers. One of the keys to a successful blog is return visitors.

If visitors aren’t coming back, then your blog is going to have issues growing beyond a small amount of traffic. Return visitors are the lifeblood of a great blog. Could you potentially be sabotaging the chances of your blog at success by keeping visitors from coming back? Here are a few things that may prevent the coveted “repeat visitor”.

Bad Blog Design

Your blog design is the first thing a visitor sees when they come to your site, this is really no different from walking into a house or business, they need to feel welcomed immediately. You don’t want a design that is too complicated. A complicated design will slow down your site and cause confusion for your readers.

Simple is often better in blog design. Yes, you do want your blog to be memorable for your readers, but not at the sake of chaos. A simple design with good fonts, great colors and incredible content is going to be your best bet.

Lots of Ads with Little Information

I’m sure you’ve all visited those blog with multiple sidebars that are completely filled up with Google ads and affiliate ads. Yes, bloggers can make money and by all means, they should. Ads are a good thing, they help promote products and services and help make the site owner money. But when a site feels like more attention was paid to the ads than to the content, you’ve got an issue. Readers are not ignorant, they know a junk blog when they see one. Don’t make the mistake of overloading your blog with ads and garbage in your sidebars, this will drive your readers away in droves.

Writing Not be Good (see what I did there?)

Got to admit something here… I’ve seen some writers every now and then that were absolutely terrible. I MEAN TERRIBLE! These posts are in the process of being deleted or re-written.

If your writing is full of poorly structured sentences, reads like a robot wrote it or has incredibly bad grammar then you need to rethink your choice of a hobby or career. A few grammar mistakes are completely acceptable in a blog. I have had readers point out a comma or typo in a post and honestly, I don’t care, one or two is no big deal, but 20-30… YIKES!

Not Respecting Your Readers

Many bloggers are great at respecting their readers, making them feel like part of the community and getting them to engage in the community. But treating your readers as if they are dumb, responding harshly to criticism or just never responding to comments shows your readers you don’t respect their time and opinions.

The easiest way to really respect your readers is to one respond and engage them in comments and social media. Really, respond to every comment. You should have a notification system set up so that you can respond to comments quickly.

Being Dishonest

Wow is this one dangerous. You see this blowing up in reporters, politicians and athletes face all the time. Don’t make up stories, don’t plagiarize and don’t lie to readers about how you’re doing. Like above, I told you, anyone can suffer from poor writing. If you look around on here, you may find a few posts that need help (to say the least). I have talked with bloggers who love to tell me that they have xx,xxx number of readers, making thousands of dollars and couldn’t be happier, only to later find out that their visitors are less than half of what they like to tell people. They haven’t figured out monetization in the slightest and they are almost broke. At that point, do I want to help them? No! They’ve been lying to me and lost me as a reader.

These have been just a few of the reasons. Do you have any more suggestions? I’d love to hear them below!

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